Solar Security Floodlights (Motion Sensor)

This is a great security floodlight fixture made by Solar Illuminations, that can be installed quickly and easily almost anywhere. This solar security light comes complete with a large SIEMENS solar panel that has a 12' (4 metre) cable cord allowing the panel to be remotely sited, where necessary, to catch most sunlight. All plastic construction therefore no parts to rust. Passive infra-red motion sensor detects persons within a 12 metre range with 180 degree coverage. 'Light-on' time can be adjusted to suit (up to 60 seconds after last activity detection). Available in either black or white finish. Can be wall, fence or possibly post mounted. This solar security flood light is one of our most popular product lines and it is offered at a very competitive price. It is also one of the brightest solar floodlights available. Typically one floodlight will illuminate an area of approximately 30' x 30' (900' square) and beyond. A solar security floodlight can enhance security and help deter intruders and trespassers in a residential or light commercial envrionment. Solar powered, so no eletricity required. If you require a floodlight that does not have a motion sensor then consider our FL03, FL04, FL05, FL06, FL09 or FL10 floodlights instead, which can be found in our 'Floodlights & Sign Lights' category. This product is supplied with a 6 volt 10 watt JC halogen bulb already fitted. However this product will accept a 6 volt 20 watt JC halogen bulb, instead, if required. Replacement 10 or 20 watt bulbs are available or you can purchase a spare from us - see below. Colour of fixture is black or white (make a selection). Color of light output is white.

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